Saturday, August 2, 2014

Arriving at the house in Menteng, Jokowi Halal Bihalal with aide.

After celebrating Eid in his hometown of Solo, Central Java, was elected president Joko Widodo straight to his house in Jalan Sapodilla, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Arriving at the house he rents during the 2014 presidential election procession, Jokowi directly conduct lawful gatherings with the staff, aides and bodyguards.
Joko Widodo

According to one aide Jokowi who do not want to be named, Jokowi who arrived home at 14:30 pm immediately shook hands with guards and aides in the home.

At home, according to him, Jokowi until this afternoon no vacancy. Former Mayor of Solo that chose to rest rather than receiving guests. "He want to break first, then until Monday," he said.

After performing Eid prayers at City Hall, Jakarta, Jokowi directly contrary to his hometown in the city of Solo. In the city of batik, Jokowi berlebaran to her parents' house in the source region, Solo.

In addition, Jokowi also held some activities. Among them open house with residents and visit the tomb of Solo-in-law.